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Bad Credit Personal Loan Singapore
If you are looking for a Bad Credit Personal Loan in Singapore, we appreciate the urgency and this is why we go an extra mile to quickly process your application. Contact us at +65 6291 2210 today.

If your credit rating is bad, you can only access expensive loans from your bank but at Katong Credit, we are ready to change this with our bad credit personal loans.

If you are having bad credit and actively seeking a loan, it is highly likely that your bank has already turned you down. Since the recession, banks have become more stringent when issuing financing and this means many people and businesses are not qualifying for loans. At Katong Credit, we provide one of the most affordable loans for people with bad credit. We are the country’s most trusted name in providing financial services for individuals and businesses that are going through a rough patch.

With the current economic slowdown, things are only getting tougher for consumers. The government has already indicated it expects the current economic slowdown to continue into the New Year meaning the price of loan services from banks will remain high.

We have been providing accessible loans to households for years and our commitment is to exceed your expectations every time you use our services. If you are worried about your bad credit, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Our Bad Credit Personal Loan Singapore

Many household owners in Singapore have bad credit due to the ongoing economic situation. However, this does not mean you can’t access financing. Your bank might have turned you away but at Katong Credit, we welcome you with open arms. We appreciate how tough it is to get a loan when your credit score is low and our guarantee is to get you a loan package that perfectly suits your situation.

We also appreciate how urgent you need this cash and we strive to approve the loan as fast as possible. We strive to protect this reputation by offering the most exquisite financial services to all our clients.

Whatever financial emergency you have today, we are here to help. Our customer care team is always ready to handle your loan queries and we have financial advisors to help you find the best loan products for your needs.

We are a fully licensed moneylender with the Ministry of Law, so you can trust us to be a good choice for money lending to meet any financial emergency you might have today.

Our Katong Credit Story

Singapore has a long history in terms of the money lending industry, but some of these companies are not licensed. Our mission is to provide professional financial services that our clients could rely on. We are a fully licensed business operating under the tight regulation of the Ministry of Law. We have a code of ethics that guides all our services and our loan assistants are highly trained to cater for all your loan needs.

We have invested in the best team of financial experts to assist you in all loan concerns you might have. We are regularly updating our loan products to suit the developing economic condition in the country and this makes us your first port of call. Whatever financial emergency you might be having, give us a call any time of day and our loan assistant will provide a flexible loan arrangement to suit your unique situation.

How to Apply for Our Bad Credit Personal Loans

If you are looking for a Bad Credit Personal Loan in Singapore, we appreciate the urgency and this is why we go an extra mile to quickly process your application. To qualify for our loan, here are some of the requirements:

  • Should be a Singapore resident over 21 years and in possession of an NRIC card
  • For a foreigner, you should have a valid work permit (S Pass)
  • Copy of NRIC card
  • Proof of income (pay slips, CPF contribution, or bank statement)
  • Tenancy agreement for foreigners
  • PUB or handphone bill as proof of residence.

Our eligibility criteria are one of the easiest in the country. We offer online loan applications to make the loan process easier for our clients.

Why Choose Katong Credit As Your Personal Loan Provider

There are many money lenders in the country but at Katong Credit, we go to extra lengths to ensure you enjoy our services. Here are some of our advantages:

Quick loan processing: Once you provide the required documents, we will approve the loan and disburse the cash to you on the spot after you signed the loan agreement.

Custom loan products: We appreciate everyone has unique financial needs and we package your loan to suit your unique needs. Our loan assistant will discuss your financial situation and provide a tailored loan product that is flexible and easy to repay.

Reputable loan services: We are licensed and our track record speaks for itself. Our customers always return and most of our business comes from referrals.

Still worried about your bad credit? Get in touch with us today and we will provide a loan product that suits your financial emergency.

Contact us today for any financial assistance you might need. We promise to exceed your expectations.